A Look at our 40cm Night Lights &  The Ultimate Vinyl Option

Introducing the Stunning 40cm Night Light


Laser Blanks is so excited to announce our stunning, LED night light. This custom designed, wooden night light is the perfect option to provide that wow factor to any space. Measuring 40cm long, our LED light base draws incredible attention regardless of the application. From children's bedrooms through to commercial use, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


We've designed our light base with a dimmer switch and 2 light colour options - warm white and cool white. The dimmer switch provides great functionality and is  perfect for use in children's bedrooms.

Here you can see our two LED light bases. Our standard 15cm base and our 40cm base:




The RRP of a completed product can vary greatly from product to product, and from business to business.

Our 15cm base is currently sold for $15 + light panel (ranging from $2.90 through to $11) - providing an average RRP of $45-$50 depending on the finish.


Our 40cm base is currently sold for $35 + light panel of $11.95 - providing an estimated RRP of $80-$110 depending on the finish and presentation. A worthwhile investment and return.


Etch Vinyl VS White Vinyl

Let's talk about the finish of the product!

When customising the acrylic panel, we always recommend using an 'etch' look vinyl. This will provide a high quality finish and will give the appearance of an etched glass. A high-end, sought after look and feel.

Many people, these days, simply use white coloured vinyl. Although not as expensive as an etched vinyl (such as StyleTech's Etch), it provides a cheap look and therefore fetches a much lower price point than something finished with an etch.  The etch vinyl also provides great light dispersion and illuminates in a luxurious way.


As always, if you have any questions regarding our light bases or how to finish your products best, please don't hesitate to contact us!