A5 Acrylic Sign + Stand | Acrylic Blank

Base Size: 3mm Base


This acrylic sign with stand is a great acrylic blank to customise for a multitude of reasons. From weddings through to table numbers and menus. 

Available in white, black, frosted and clear. 

Looking for another colour, please contact us. 


Includes stand + acrylic base.  You have the option of a 4.5mm thick base or a 3mm thick base. The 4.5mm base provides a straighter fit for your product. We recommend this option.

Product Dimensions: A5 + base.


Acrylic can vary in thickness +/- 10%. This means that whilst 98% will be perfect, there is a small chance that the acrylic will not fit snuggly into the acrylic base. First and foremost remove your protective layers. If it is too thick simply use some sand paper to sand the base slot slightly to allow for a perfect fit. If it is slightly too thin, simply use a dob of glue or add a piece of clear vinyl to thicken out the acrylic sign. Standard clear vinyl such as Metamark M7 is what we recommend. It is 40 microns thick and will provide a tighter fit. 

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