Tail LED Light Insert | Panel | Frosted

Frosted Colour: Frosted Blush Pink


This stunning Tail LED acrylic blank light insert, truly is the perfect option to add style to your child's room .  Made from 3mm clear acrylic, you can personalise to your heart's content. Simply add some vinyl!


Our frosted option is available in blush pink, dusky blue and spearmint.  It creates a beautiful ombre effect when illuminated. The light travels from a bright light and tapers off gradually. It makes the perfect night light to induce calm restful sleep without being intrusive or too bright. 


This product also contains an acrylic spacer plate to keep your light insert tight and snug in the LED light base.


This premium design has the following dimensions: 

21cm from tip to bottom of base plate. 14.3cm wide from tip to tip. 3mm thick. + spacer plate.


Please ensure that all care is taken in handling your acrylic blank to ensure that no scratches or breakages occur.


Our acrylic light inserts fit perfectly into our wooden light bases.

Laser Blanks is home to the original custom designed acrylic LED light inserts. . ©Laser Blanks 2020. 

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