Our Smashing April Sample Box!

Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! As you may (or may not) know, these sample boxes are released on 1st of every month (excluding January). They contain a range of Laser Blanks' favourite items, new and upcoming items and new ideas!!! You need to be quick to purchase them! So set your alarm for 7pm AEST on the 1st day of every month! As you know, each of our sample boxes is only $35 with a HUGE RRP value from $50-70!

Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. Please remember that when you receive our mirror acrylic/receive our mirror acrylic, there will be a grey/white layer on one side. This is not to be removed. This part actually creates the mirror effect. 


So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items:

  • 1 x mum tall stand with acrylic base *exclusive to Sample Box
  • 1 x organiser for her 
  • 1 x hanging rectangle sign 
  • 1 x A5 acrylic
  • 3 x 2mm 120mm rounds
  • 1 x word cut out   *exclusive to Sample Box
  • 3 x gold hardware key rings
  • 1 x premium butterfly 4.5mm thick keyring *NEW & COMING SOON
  • 1 x 15cm timber stand
  • 1 x large rectangle keyring
  • 1 x premium 4.5mm thick rectangle keyring
  • 1 x heart in heart keyring (2 heart keyrings)
  • 2 x mum word keyrings  *exclusive to Sample Box
  • 1 x 40mm keyring
  • 1 x 50mm keyring
  • 1 x svg for mum keyrings  *exclusive to Sample Box


This sample box is filled with amazing products! Mother's Day was a big focus for this box and therefore, it contains some amazing and exclusive products just for this sample box!! Let's have a look at a few key pieces as well as provide you with some SVGs to truly complete your project. 



Mum 'Offset' keyring:

Our Mum Offset Keyring gives you a unique keyring for your mum! We have created the perfect SVG for this design. You can download the SVG from here. 

The font used is called Rustic Love. This is a beautifully created, hand written and dainty font that is licensed for commercial purposes. If you love this font, you can purchase it from here

To create your Mum Offset Keyring, simply download our svg, select your desired vinyl and cut. This should measure as follows. 


Tall 'Mum' Rectangle Stand: 

This gorgeous acrylic stand makes the perfect gift for mum! Available exclusively in our sample boxes, this will not be sold online! 


Mum word cut out: 

In white 3mm acrylic, this 'mum' sign is paired wonderfully with either our tall rectangle hanging sign, our A5 acrylic or 120mm frosted discs. Simply use a glue such as E6000 glue to attach seamlessly. 




Who doesn't love some bling on their keyrings! We have added some keyring hardware as well as some different styles of keyrings. They make wonderful gifts and can be personalised so easily with vinyl.  We have included below some of our favourite SVG links to really make these items shine! What's best is they can be resized to suit your needs - from 100mm rounds through to 40mm keyrings! 

We hope you enjoy your Laser Blanks acrylic blank sample box! Don't forget to join our active Facebook community to share your amazing designs and be the first to know when our products are released! 

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