Laser Blanks Materials 

Laser Blanks is passionate about providing Australia's Largest range of beautiful, high quality and affordable acrylic, bamboo + plywood blanks.
Our range is forever growing and so are our materials.
Laser Blanks stock over 120 different materials!

Our Standard Range of Materials Include


As a general rule, Laser Blanks continually stock a large range of acrylic, plywood and bamboo in a large range of thicknesses. These thicknesses are 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm + 6mm for acrylic, 2.2mm-4.5mm in bamboo and 1.8mm-4.5mm in  a variety of plywood. 

2mm Acrylic

2mm is a fantastic option for crafters looking to engrave their acrylic. Those with machines such as the Cricut Maker or the Silhouette Cameo have the ability to engrave with their machines. Generally speaking, 2mm is perfect for this option! 2mm acrylic comes in the following colours: 

3mm Acrylic

3mm acrylic is filled with oodles of possibilities, colour options, textures and so much more! Laser Blanks stocks a large range of different types of acrylic in 3mm. From basic colours of the rainbow to beautiful pastels, glitter and chunky glitter. Also available in 3mm is our stunning mirror range. 

4.5mm Acrylic

Our 4.5mm acrylic is used throughout our product range in a variety of different ways. 4.5mm acrylic is a thick and durable option. Available only in the following colours: 

6mm Acrylic

A heavy duty acrylic continually stocked at Laser Blanks. Although more expensive than something like 2mm or 3mm, it adds a high end and luxurious look and feel to you end product. Available in the following colours: 

Glitter Acrylic

Available in varying thickness from 3mm-4mm depending on the type and the brand. Our glitter range of acrylic truly does add sparkle and shine to your end product.
Our range varies from single sided glitter to chunky encrusted glitter.

Mirror Acrylic

Our mirror range comes in 16 different colours. From classic mirror colours such as gold, rose gold and silver through to beautiful pinks and regal colours such as royal red and purple.

Bamboo + Plywood

Our bamboo is sustainable and our ply options vast! Available in a range of thicknesses and colour tones, we have what you're looking for. 
Bamboo comes in both a light colour and a carbonised darker colour. 

Plywood comes with beautiful grain in a range of 'colour' and grain options. For more information please contact us to find out more.

Acrylic options

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that the digital colour swatches are as accurate as possible, factors including screen quality, size and type can effect the way the colours are displayed. We always recommend purchasing our physical colour swatches for a true and accurate representation of the colour range at Laser Blanks.
Physical Colour swatches can be purchased here

Brights Range

The Laser Blanks Brights Range is available in 3mm acrylic only. The majority of this range is available with matte/gloss sides on the acrylic, however, some pieces may have gloss on one side and gloss on the other side. Currently asterisked colours are in gloss/gloss sheets only. 

The colours available are as follows:

  • LB001 - Lolly Pink
  • LB002 - Magenta* some is gloss some is matte/gloss. Please contact our team if you have a preference as to finish.
  • LB003 - Grey
  • LB004 - Peach
  • LB005 - Blue
  • LB006 - Red
  • LB007 - Orange*
  • LB008 - Yellow
  • LB009 - Green*
  • LB010 - Forest Green
  • LB011 - Grape
  • LB012 - Aqua
  • LB013 - Navy (looks like a royal blue)*
  • LB014 - Teal

Timber Look Acrylic Range

The Laser Blanks Timber Look Acrylic Range is available in two colours/tones. This has the timber grain on the front and is blank on the back. LW001 has a light sandy colour on the back and LW002 has the brown colour on the back. This is gloss. 
The colours available are as follows:

  • LW001 - Light Grain
  • LW002 - Dark Grain

Standard Glitter Acrylic

Our standard glitter acrylic come in 17 different colours and is 3mm in thickness.
The Laser Blanks glitter acrylic is of the highest quality and is very glitter dense - with no transparency issues. It looks the same on the front and the back. It has no right side.

The colours available are as follows:

  • LS001 - Pink
  • LS002 - Blue
  • LS003 - Purple
  • LS004 - Gold
  • LS005 - Holographic Gold
  • LS006 - Silver
  • LS007 - Holographic Silver
  • LS008 - Red
  • LS009 - Forest Green
  • LS010 - Apple Green
  • LS011 - Snow
  • LS012 - Holo Sky Blue
  • LS013 - Holo Purple
  • LS014 - Holo Raspberry
  • LS015 - Aqua
  • LS016 - Holo Rose Gold
  • LS017 - Magenta

Chunky Glitter

The Laser Blanks Chunky Glitter range is a premium and popular option to really produce that wow factor. Chunky Glitter Acrylic comes in 8 different colour options. Although the glitter is very dense and chunky throughout the acrylic, there can be portions of transparency. This is not considered a fault and is the beauty of this acrylic. The chunky glitter acrylic has a front and back. The glitter is applied liberally to the back of the acrylic with a thin layer of clear acrylic applied on top of the chunky glitter to seal it within the piece. 

The colours available are as follows:

  • LG001 - Silver
  • LG002 - Blue
  • LG003 - Rose Gold
  • LG004 - Pink
  • LG005 - Magenta
  • LG006 - Mermaid
  • LG007- Gold
  • LG008 - Bright Gold

Fleck Glitter

Our gorgeous fleck glitter comes in two options and is 3mm thick. This fleck acrylic has specs of gold and colour throughout and is transparent. Used frequently for decorations and light panels, it makes a great artistic acrylic option.

  • LF001 - Blue Fleck
  • LF0002 - Pink Fleck

Pastel Range

The Laser Blanks Pastel Range makes the perfect option for anything from rainbows to children's bedroom décor. This range is gloss on one side and matte on the other for added functionality and is available in 3mm only. 

The colours available are as follows:

  • LP001 - Baby Pink
  • LP002 - Pink Grape
  • LP003 - Violet
  • LP004 - Bubblegum
  • LP005 - Orange Fizz
  • LP006 - Lemon
  • LP007 - Salmon
  • LP008 - Blue Candy
  • LP009 - Spearmint 

real life examples - pastel range

Naturals Range

Our stunning Naturals Range features true natural tones from skin colours through to natural earthy tones.

This range is matte on one side and gloss on the other side for added functionality. It comes in 3mm only. 

The colours available are as follows:

  • LN001 - Coffee
  • LN002 - Latte
  • LN003 - Beige 
  • LN004 - Cream
  • LN005 - Blush
  • LN006 - Charcoal
  • LN007 - Dusky Violet
  • LN008 - Musky Pink
  • LN009 - Red Wine
  • LN010 - Rust
  • LN011 - Orange Sunset
  • LN012 - Mustard
  • LN013 - Moss
  • LN014 - Eucalyptus
  • LN015 - Dusty Aqua
  • LN016 - Ocean Teal
  • LN017 - Sky Blue
  • LN018 - Denim Blue

real life examples - naturals range

Sorbet Range

Introducing our adorable, super light pastel sorbet range. This range is at least half the strength of our standard pastel range to give you an idea of the colour intensity. Colours such as Lilac Sorbet is very very light in colour. This is more of a lilac tinge rather than a bright colour. It is a very subtle option. This range is the perfect option for baby milestone discs, wall plaques and so much more.

This range is matte on one side and gloss on the other side for added functionality. It comes in 3mm only.

The colours available are as follows:

  • LI001 - Lilac Sorbet
  • LI002 - Pink Sorbet
  • LI003 - Lemon Sorbet
  • LI004 - Mint Sorbet
  • LI005 - Blue Sorbet
  • LI006 - Vanilla Sorbet

Mirror Acrylic

Our stunning Mirror Acrylic is available in 13 different colours. Please note that mirror acrylic is mirror only on one side. The reverse side is grey or white backing. 

Mirror is not like standard acrylic. Due to the grey or white backing causing the mirror effect, adhesives can destory or eat away at the mirror backing, causing bubbling, crazing or deterioration of the mirror from the front. We recommend the use of E6000 jewellery and bead glue/adhesive or standard E6000 glue. This will ensure that your mirror is kept in perfect condition.

  • LM001 - Gold
  • LM002 - Rose Gold
  • LM003 - Silver
  • LM004 - Baby Pink
  • LM005 - Pink
  • LM006 - Gun Metal 
  • LM007 - Red
  • LM008 - Green
  • LM009 -Teal
  • LM010 - Blue
  • LM011 - Navy
  • LM012 - Purple
  • LM013 - Amber/Orange

Custom Orders

Depending on workload and the time of year, Laser Blanks offers limited positions for custom orders throughout the months. 
Custom orders can suit those who are looking for something basic such as a different sized rectangle, or more customised work such as those who are providing their own SVG/design files. 

Laser Blanks offers custom order spaces to our wholesale customers first and foremost and when available, to the general public. If you are interested in a custom order, have your dimensions available and better yet, a design file such as an SVG, we would love to hear from you. We do have terms and conditions regarding our custom orders which will be sent to you via email upon enquiring. 

Embarking on your own style of branding and custom designs is exciting!
However, before we begin, there are a few points that we must clarify.
Custom orders are at the sole discretion of Laser Blanks.
The Following categories will not be accepted.
- Crude or vulgar language of any kind
- Those of sexually explicit nature
- Absolutely no licensed items - eg, Disney, Marvel etc.
- Absolutely no copied artwork or requests to reproduce items,
artwork belonging to another business/artist.

Please send through an SVG of your design as well as letting us know the dimensions and colour/material required. 
All custom requests must be received by email.

Email Us about a Custom Request