Reward Jar | Personalised + Complete with Tokens

Reward Jar Size: Mini


Discover the perfect way to celebrate incredible behavior and milestones with our adorable and ever practical reward jars. Designed to motivate and encourage, these jars make parenting and teaching a breeze, turning every achievement into a memorable celebration. 🎉

Fully Assembled and Ready to Inspire: Our reward jars come completely assembled, ensuring you can start celebrating achievements right out of the box.

Available in three sizes and with two customization options, our reward jars are tailored to suit your unique style:

  • 2D Engraved Name: Opt for a classic touch with up to three words over two lines, complete with a delightful mason jar screw-top detail for that extra special touch.
  • 3D Acrylic Name: Choose a modern flare with three words over three lines, offering a sleek design without the engraved detail for a smooth, contemporary finish.

Available in three oh-so-sparkly sizes:

  • Standard Size: Perfect for those everyday victories.
    Dimensions: 135mm wide x 230mm high

  • Mini Size: For those sweet little moments.
    Dimensions: 100mm wide x 170mm high

  • Teacher Size: Because educators deserve the biggest hurrahs!
    Dimensions: 205mm wide x 250mm high

We have an ever growing range of tokens to select from. Simply select the token theme you're wanting with three colour choices - these will consist of standard colours with the option of a glitter feature.

Whether you're encouraging little ones at home or inspiring students in the classroom, our reward jars are the ideal addition to your motivational toolkit. ✨

Transform achievements into treasured moments with a personal touch that speaks volumes. Explore our collection today and find the perfect match for your rewarding journey!

How to Order:

  1. Select your Reward Jar Size (mini, standard or teacher size)
  2. Select your Reward Jar Colour (Basics Range, Naturals Range, Pastel Range, Sorbet Range)
  3. Select your Reward Jar Style (Engraved Lettering 2D style or Acrylic Lettering 3D style)
  4. Enter Word 1
  5. Enter Word 2
  6. Enter Word 3
  7. Select your Token Set
  8. Select Main Token Colour 1
  9. Select Main Token Colour 2
  10. Select Feature Token Colour 3 (this can be glitter or standard colours)

Token options and rewrd jar colours are avaialable in the product images

Please note that the tokens will arrive with a protective layer on each side. This is to ensure they are not scratched or damaged during transit. You will need to remove the protective layer to reveal your beautiful chosen colour underneath.

If you are wanting to hang this on a wall/fridge/whiteboard, we recommend using 3m Velcro strips. Magnets are not recommend as they can be knocked off/pushed off easily. Rew ard jar stands are also available to purchase and are suitable for the mini and standard reward jar sizes only. Care is to be taken at all times. Acrylic can break and scratch. These are not a toy. Reccommended for 3+ years.

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