Raw Timber Blocks | 7cm | Cube

Pack size: 1 Single Block


Introducing our stunning range of stunning raw, timber blocks. Each one of our blocks measures 7cm cubed to provide you with a great size. Perfect for baby blocks, name decor or calendars. They are hand cut and hand sanded and are buttery soft and smooth. The perfect raw piece to work on.

What ever your application, whether it be applying vinyl , painting or engraving, each block is the ideal start for your creativity to take you on a crafting journey. 

RRPs for these products differ vastly depending on your finished result. We have seen anywhere from $12-$77 for a single block! Be creative and be unique and be limited only by your imagination. 

Save considerably when you purchase our blocks in a pack of 6!

As with all timbers, each will have its own knots, markings and grain. This adds to the natural look and feel of the piece and adds character. This is not considered a flaw. 

Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm x 7cm 

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