Laser Blanks February Sample Box

February Sample Box

Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! As you may (or may not) know, these sample boxes are released on 1st of every month (excluding January). They contain a range of Laser Blanks' favourite items, new and upcoming items and new ideas!!! You need to be quick to purchase them! So set your alarm for 7pm AEST on the 1st day of every month! As you know, each of our sample boxes is only $35 with a HUGE RRP value from $50-70!

Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. 


So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items: 

  • Mini heart cupcake toppers
  • Easter bunny ear cupcake toppers
  • 15cm square puzzle
  • Puzzle keyring
  • Keyring hardware
  • Bag tag loops
  • Back pack tags
  • Large 'keyring' glitter bag tag
  • Laser Blanks Cleaning Cloth
  • Heart keyrings
  • Plywood floral bookmark
  • Plywood bookmark
  • Two ply engravable acrylic business cards
  • Gift tags (1 x with heart, 4 plain)
  • Tassel keyring
  • Premium trolley token
  • 15cm ply square with two holes for hanging
  • Puzzle heart keyring


Some notes on our specialty products:

Puzzle Square

The puzzle square is one of our favourite items so far this year! It is a 15cm square with 9 puzzle pieces! Simple 'Print & Cut' a 15cm x 15cm picture, apply to your puzzle and use a craft knife (or similar) to cut out the pieces! 
We also recommend applying a clear vinyl over the top of your print and cut picture to provide longevity and protect your photo. These make the best gifts! They will be released at Laser Blanks to the public on Friday, 5th February at 7pm! 


Two Ply Engravable Acrylic Business Cards

Our 2 ply engravable acrylic business cards are only 1.3mm thick and have a foil top layer. This means that you can engrave these in your Cricut Maker or similar. By engraving the top foil, you will leave only the bottom layer visible. EG, our brushed gold foil has a black back. When you engrave this, the gold foil will be removed to leave black writing! A high end and glamorous look and feel! Use it for your own business card, engrave an ICE (in case of emergency) card for your wallet, or a love note for your special person to see!

We hope you enjoy your Laser Blanks acrylic blank sample box! Don't forget to join our active Facebook community to share your amazing designs and be the first to know when our products are released! 

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