Alphabet Letter Set | NSW Foundation Style | Education | NSW + ACT

Type: Uppercase


Introducing our perfectly designed Alphabet Letter Set from our education range. This set is designed in the Department of Education NSW Foundation Style font which is used in New South Wales & ACT in schools. 

These alphabet sets make a great teacher resource. They are made from 3mm acrylic and are large and strong enough for children to touch and hold and feel, use for tracing, or to add to a 10cm disc to make interactive flash cards. 

Each set comes in a pack of the one colour.

Please look at the following dimensions to get an idea of the sizes of each letter. All letters are sized in proportion to natural letter formation.
The dimensions are as follows: 


a (letters such as a,c,e etc) - 31mm x 44mm
y (letters such as j,y etc) - 71mmx 35mm 
h (letters such as d, h,k etc) - 31mm x 71mm


38mm x 78mm (D used as example)


These letters are designed to fit perfectly on a 10cm disc. *sold separately.

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