Colour Swatches

Coour: Complete Basics Range


Colour swatches are a fantastic way to compare different colours in real life. Keep them on hand to perfectly plan and coordinate your pieces, to show customers what you have on offer and to always ensure you're ordering the correct colour. We know that colours can appear differently from screen to screen.
Take the guesswork out of your decisions today. 


The colours available are as follows:

  • LN001-LN0018 - Naturals Range
  • LI001-LN006 - Sorbet Range
  • LP001-LP009 - Pastel Range
  • LB001 - LB014 - Basics Range
  • LM001 - LM013 - Mirror Range

Images are for display purposes only. These come with the protective layer on both sides with a hole in each. 

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