Colour Swatches - Natural's Range

Coour: LN001 - Coffee


Colour swatches are a fantastic way to compare different colours in real life. Keep them on hand to perfectly plan and coordinate your pieces, to show customers what you have on offer and to always ensure you're ordering the correct colour. We know that colours can appear differently from screen to screen.
Take the guesswork out of your decisions today. 


Our stunning Naturals Range features true natural tones from skin colours through to beautiful, authentic natural earthy tones. From blush to beige through to the colours of eucalyptus and mustard. There is a colour for every person, for every style and for all events. 

This range is matte on one side and gloss on the other side for added functionality. It comes in 3mm in thickness.

The colours available are as follows:

  • LN001 - Coffee
  • LN002 - Latte
  • LN003 - Beige 
  • LN004 - Cream
  • LN005 - Blush
  • LN006 - Charcoal
  • LN007 - Dusky Violet
  • LN008 - Musky Pink
  • LN009 - Red Wine
  • LN010 - Rust
  • LN011 - Orange Sunset
  • LN012 - Mustard
  • LN013 - Moss
  • LN014 - Eucalyptus
  • LN015 - Dusty Aqua
  • LN016 - Ocean Teal
  • LN017 - Sky Blue
  • LN018 - Denim Blue

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