Dino Plaque | Layered Plaque | 150MM-600MM

Size: 150mm (Announcement Size)


Introducing our adorable Dino Plaque. This plaque features a super cute dino to layer onto your plaque. Select the colour of your dino and your plaque board from our huge range of colours. Available in 6 sizes, this plaque can be used as an announcement plaque, all the way through to a large 600mm statement wall piece! 

Add your own personalisation to suit your needs! 


Acrylic pieces are made from 3mm thick cast acrylic.  

Images are for photographic purposes only. This piece comes blank for your own personalisation. It includes the backboard/plaque and the feature dino. 


We recommend E6000 glue to fix your feature acrylic pieces to your plaque. You can purchase that here

Overall Dimensions
150mm - 150mm Tall x 153mm Wide
200mm - 200mm Tall x 204mm Wide
300mm - 300mm Tall x 306mm Wide
400mm - 400mm Tall x 408mm Wide
500mm - 500mm Tall x 510mm Wide
600mm - 600mm Tall x 612mm Wide

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