Triceratops | Acrylic Shapes | Blank Shape

Size: 100mm


Our adorable triceratops shape is a great option to add to your wall plaque or hanging! Available in a range of colours, there's one to suit your needs.  


Dimensions listed by width
100mm x 72mm
150mm x 108mm
200mm x 144mm
250mm x 180mm
300mm x 216mm
350mm x 252mm
400mm x 288mm


Image shown is a 200mm wide Triceratops with a 200mm Round. The image is for illustration purposes & inspiration purposes only. This product is not a completed product and is for the Triceratops only with no personalisation. The Triceratops pictured has white spots created with vinyl. 


If you would like to create our triceratops picture, you will need a 200mm Round, a 200mm triceratops and your favourite vinyl. 

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