Wildflower | Line Art | Acrylic Blank



Introducing our stunning wildflower line art range. This collection of three wildflowers can be used in a group, or can be used individually. They pair beautifully together to create a piece of art. 


Pictured is our 300mm oval in Musky Pink.


Large Flower with Bud: 200mm x 82mm approx
Single Flower: 160mm x 68mm approx
Single Bud: 120mm x 49mm approx


This product is a listing for the line art of the wildflowers only. It does not include any back board. These are sold separately. Images depicted are used for display purposes only, and does not include personalisation. 


(C) Laser Blanks


Laser Blanks recommends the use of E6000 glue to fix line art to acrylic and timber. Use the glue sparingly. Do no use super glue on acrylic.

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