Let's Make a Height Chart!

Our height chart blanks are a great way to personalise and record your family's or child's height as they grow! Perfect for renters who are wanting to not only have a stylish and sophisticated height chart, but also have an option that can move with them wherever they may go. Our height chart blanks are made from 3mm acrylic and come in a range of different colours and styles to suit your needs. They're easy to hang, using only 3M Velcro Strips or even Blu Tac. 

In this project tutorial, we are using our Standard Height Chart which can be found on the link below. This design will also work for our Puzzle Fit Height Chart Blank. 


Materials we used: 


  • Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • Weeder
  • Squeegy
  • Heat Press/Iron


  • Transfer Tape
  • Siser PSV in White Cloud Permanent Adhesive 
  • Ritrama Topaz Glitter Permanent Adhesive
  • Siser Easy Weed - Black





When you receive your height chart, you will notice that there are three different sized pieces. The longest piece (only ever so slight) is the bottom of the height chart. It is designed so that the very bottom of the piece is your starting measurement from the floor. This needs to start at a whole number. We recommend starting your height chart at the following measurements to achieve a full sized height chart: 

  • Starting at 30cm (the floor being 0cm) - will make your height chart reach 200cm tall
  • Starting at 40cm (the floor being 0cm) - will make your height chart reach 210cm tall. 

Depending on the height of your family and the potential height of your children will determine where your starting measurement will be. 


The smallest piece of the height chart has a place for personalisation. This is the top of the height chart. 


The rest of the pieces are the same height. These can be placed between the other two pieces. There will be in total, six pieces to your height chart blank. 



Step 1: 

Remove the protective layer of your height chart blanks. Every piece that comes from Laser Blanks will have the protective layer attached. We chose the colour Blush from our Natural's Range. This range has both a matte and a gloss side. We selected the gloss side for our project. 

Step 2: 

Get your SVG ready! Creative Fabrica have such a huge range of different SVGs for your crafting needs. It really is a treasure trove for your creativity. We go this stunning wildflower design from here

We measured out the size that we wanted the SVG to be, this worked out to be 182mm wide x 92mm high. Sizing the SVG to be 92mm high meant that we needed to add a few extra wildflower pieces to the edges of the design. Simply ungroup the design and copy a piece or two and move it to the edges to fill in the gaps.

Step 3: 

Apply your Siser PSV vinyl to your mat and prepare to cut in your vinyl cutting machine. Today we used Siser PSV White Cloud. Our machine of choice was the Siser Juliet. We really love how intricate the Juliet can cut.

Once cut, weed your vinyl and apply transfer tape. 

Transfer to the top of your height chart. 

Note: If any pieces don't quite make the initial transfer, you can simply apply any missing pieces once the main piece is transferred onto the height chart. 

Step 4:

Using E6000 glue, fix your acrylic name to your height chart. We recommend using this glue very sparingly using a toothpick or similar. We do not recommend other types of glue. This one has been tested by Laser Blanks thoroughly. 

Step 5: 

Apply your vinyl measurements. We chose to apply vinyl to each major measurement. 

Step 6:

Prepare your Height Chart Markers to your preference. We chose Ritrama Topaz Glitter Permanent Adhesive to match the gold acrylic name. These height markers are a great way to stylishly add height milestones to your chart. 

Step 7: 

To create the ultimate finished product, we added some HTV to our large Calico Drawstring Bag to create the perfect gift for Mackenzie. The Large Calico Bag fits our height chart blank in with room to spare. 


We hope you enjoy making this stunning height chart. 


 ♥ Laser Blanks