October Sample Box

It's October already which means that after this Sample Box we have only two left for the year!! It's crazy how fast this year has flown by. This Sample Box sold pretty quickly, so if you've managed to get one, then congratulations!! If you missed out, set your alarm for 7pm next month!! 


This box has a huge amount of value with so many amazing project for you to sink your creativity into! Let's have a look at what's inside this month's box:

  • Double Slot Acrylic Stand
  • Arch
  • Semi Circle for stand
  • Teddy Bear Bookmark Toppers
  • Arched Gift Tags
  • Large Tree
  • Medium Tree
  • Tassel Keyring with Acrylic Disc
  • Paw Print Bauble
  • 100mm Bauble
  • NEW surprise Bauble
  • Baby Feet tag/keyring/bauble
  • Monster Truck Shape
  • Snowflake bauble
  • Dino Bag Tag
  • Bag Tag Loop
  • A5 Arch in Matte White
  • NEW - How to tie my shoes template

Most of the items in this box are self explanatory and can provide you with varying creative projects from back to school through to Christmas and more! 


NEW: Measure Me Bauble: 

We've created a beautiful keepsake for you to create and cherish throughout the years. Our Measure Me bauble is designed to have a ribbon attached and wound up. This ribbon represents the size of your child that year. A beautiful yearly memento of just how big they've grown.  




Baby Feet: 

Use as a gift tag or a bauble - whatever the purpose, it makes a wonderful reminder of your precious bundle of joy! 




Slot the two tree pieces together to create a table centrepiece or part of your décor arrangement. 



We hope you enjoy this sample box and we cannot wait to bring you more incredible products in September 2022!

We love seeing how our amazing customers unleash their creativity on our laser cut blanks, and this sample box will fill your mind fresh with new ideas, inspiration, imagination and creativity!! Filled with fantastic value, you’ll have to get in quick to get the next one! 



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