The February Sample Box!

How is it already the start of February!!! As the first of the month and the first Sample Box of 2023 comes around again, we hope that your month can start in a creative and fun way! We have many projects crammed into this fun Sample Box and can't wait to see what you make with your goodies!

So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items. Linked items are available to purchase:


Key Pieces

A Gift for Mum: 

To create a beautiful gift for mum, you'll need the following items from your project box: 

- Musky Pink Arch - available here
- White Mother Holding Baby Line Art - now available 
- 'Mum' mirror name - available here
- 1 x pair of long 'Glass' stands - available here

We paired these items up to create a gorgeous gift for mum for Mother's Day. Although not limited to mother's day, you could create a gift for a new mum, or perhaps a memorial piece. 


We recommend using E6000 glue to assemble the pieces together. Use the glue very sparingly - we recommend using a toothpick to ensure that no glue oozes out. 

Don't forget to remove the protective layer from all of the pieces of acrylic. The 'mum' sign has been made in font option 2 in our tiny 55mm tall size. 


We love these amazing SVGs that you can pair with your acrylic for the ultimate mother's day design. You can see them here.

Rocket Reward Jar + Tokens

We wanted to create a fun reward jar for space loving children. This reward jar fits one pack of star tokens inside - meaning that it's smaller than our standard reward jar, and is great for children who need their 'prize' sooner rather than later! This is a great tool to use for children going back to school this year!

To create your Rocket Reward Jar, please follow the following steps to ensure that it is assembled correctly. 

First and foremost, remove the protective layers on your acrylic pieces. You will have the following pieces to assemble: 

1- the bottom coloured plate (navy in colour)
2- the thick clear spacer plate
3- the clear front panel (thin 2mm) This can be engraved on your Cricut Maker. 
4- the top blue rim to finish off your piece (navy in colour)


We recommend using E6000 glue to assemble your reward jar. It is imperative that you use only a small amount of glue to ensure that it doesn't ooze out of the sides. We recommend using a toothpick or similar to apply your E6000 glue to your pieces sparingly. This will ensure that your pieces are assembled adequately with only JUST enough glue. 

  1. Place your NAVY bottom plate on your work surface. 
  2. Apply E6000 glue using a toothpick to your clear spacer plate and place onto your navy rocket bottom plate. 
  3. Apply E6000 flue to the other side of the clear spacer plate (the piece that is facing you on your desk)
  4. Fix the clear top plate to the spacer plate.
  5. Carefully apply E6000 glue in the same method as in step 2 to the navy coloured rim. 
  6. Carefully place your glued rim onto your clear top plate. 
  7. Allow your glue to dry adequately for 24-48 hours before placing tokens in the jar. 



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Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. Please remember that when you receive our mirror acrylic/receive our mirror acrylic, there will be a grey/white layer on one side. This is not to be removed. This part actually creates the mirror effect.