September Sample Box

Hello Spring and hello to the September Sample Box!! Introducing our amazing sample box for this month! Inside this sample box features a large combination wonderful products including some more swatches from our of our amazing new Naturals Range.


Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. Please remember that when you receive our mirror acrylic/receive our mirror acrylic, there will be a grey/white layer on one side. This is not to be removed. This part actually creates the mirror effect. 

So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items:

  • Premium rainbow earring display
  • Rainbow arch plaque
  • 20cm timber stand
  • Floral 15cm plaque round
  • 2 x floral gift giving baubles
  • 1 x Cat ornament
  • 1 x Cat bookmark topper
  • 3 x 4.5mm keyrings
  • 2 x tear drop keyrings
  • 1 x trolley token in midnight sparkle - new
  • 1 x trolley token in blue confetti - new
  • 1 x frosted decorative plaque
  • 8 x sample tiles from our naturals range 
  • 1 x Rainbow keyring


Rainbow Arch Plaque

These amazing and versatile rainbow arch plaques come with a free SVG to help you design the perfect rainbow to fit every time!! You can use this Rainbow Arch Plaque as a wall hanging by itself, or add to the 20cm timber stand to create a stand alone piece. 

Download this free SVG using the code SEPTSAMPLEBOX to get it for free. 

Select your favourite permanent - ensure your design is sized correctly. 


You'll need to size your rainbow to be: 

155mm tall x 200mm wide
6.1 inches x 7.87 inches



Rainbow Earring Display

The Rainbow Earring Display is new to our range. Each set will have a thick white base plate + 2 x white clouds + 1 x rainbow arch. It is imperative that you first remove all of the protective film on every piece - or the pieces will not fit together. You will then need to place the base on a table top/hard and even surface and firmly push the rainbow top piece in, followed by the clouds. We have designed this to be a firm fit to help hold all pieces together appropriately. This rainbow display is a gorgeous, unique and wonderful piece regardless of age. Customise by selecting different coloured base or top piece. 

This is available for purchase here. 


Colour Swatches:

In this set, we have included the following colour swatches: 

  • LN009 - Red Wine
  • LN010 - Rust
  • LN011 - Orange Sunset
  • LN012 - Mustard
  • LN013 - Moss
  • LN014 - Eucalyptus
  • LN015 - Dusty Aqua
  • LN016 - Ocean Teal

If you have been collecting the Laser Blanks Sample Boxes, you will have received LN001 - LN008 already! These Colour Swatches are a great way to keep handy to be able to make the perfect colour selections for your projects. The Natural's Range of colour swatches will be available to purchase from Friday 10th September from 7pm. They will be released in lots. 





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