It’s time to change the dialogue!
Here at Laser Blanks we are big champions of originality. In the crafting community we know that there is a lot of plagiarism in existence. From copying other small businesses through to breaches of copyright and the like.

We know that with all art and with all craft, inspiration has to come from somewhere and inspiration is where it should stop. It is completely fine to take inspiration from another artist, another crafter, a Pinterest sensation or from life itself. Taking that inspiration and creating a duplicate is where it is not okay and where it has most certainly crossed a line.

Originality takes work and we are all about supporting our creative community of crafters and business owners. We are passionate about empowering our community of crafters and love nothing more than seeing you take our blank canvases and turn them into original works of art, by adding your own stamp and your own touch.

Those who strive to be original succeed beyond imagination, because they’re not looking at what other people are doing. When you continually look at what others around you are doing, you will never find out what YOU can do, what YOU are capable of. You will never have an edge.

In design and art, originality is an interesting concept. Let's take Jeff Koons for example. He is one of America's most popular contemporary artists. He has taken inspiration from everyday objects, even balloon animals and produces large, striking stainless steel mirror finished art. Was he the original creator of the balloon animal ? - No, but he has taken that inspiration and has turned it into something uniquely him - original.

When you go to create something, and think about the finished product, I think it is is important to consider these following questions:
  • What is going to make my design truly sing?
  • How are people going to recognise that this belongs to me and is no one else's work?
  • Have I made this piece my own?
  • Am I proud of this original work?
  • How is my voice going to be heard?

Thinking about the questions above and your business may be offering a product that is the same as many other businesses, for example, wedding place cards - a cookie-cutter style across the board. With so many others doing the same thing, how do you make that your own? Think about the way you present your business, the way you market your materials and photograph your product. Think about the service you offer- make it uniquely you.

It is okay to seek inspiration, but not take someone's idea. It is okay to use a font, but it is not okay to take someone's hand drawn work and use it as your own. There is no shortage of ideas in this world. There are a million different techniques, a million different fonts, a million different options to be uniquely you - let’s change the dialogue. Let’s make originality a priority. Let’s make originality the standard. Let’s stand up for the original makers, the original artist, and let’s be original ourselves.. be the original creator.