Sprinkle Reward Jar Tokens | Rewards | 47 Pack



🍩 Description: Brighten up achievements with our Sprinkle of Joy tokens, inspired by the cheerful sprinkles adorning your favorite donuts! These compact tokens encapsulate bursts of joy and celebration, ideal for setting longer-term goals or awarding more frequent recognitions. Perfect for parents, educators, or anyone keen to add a colourful twist to their reward system.

🌈 Pack Details:

  • Each pack is garnished with 47 tokens in a singular delightful colour
  • To achieve a rainbow of rewards, purchase multiple colour sets and blend to your heart’s content!

📏 Sizing Guide:

  1. Standard Reward Jar: For a kaleidoscope of celebration, order 2 packs.
  2. Mini Reward Jar: Just one pack will sprinkle it just right.
  3. Teacher Reward Jar: Dive into 5 packs to keep the classroom rewards vibrant and exciting.

🎨 Mix & Match: Rainbow rewards, anyone? Individualize your jar by combining tokens from an assortment of colour packs. A spectrum of rewarding sprinkles awaits!

Reasons to Choose Our Tokens:

  • Finely crafted to capture the fun essence of real sprinkles.
  • Bold colours that transform every achievement into a festive celebration.
  • A playful way to motivate, recognise, and reward.

🛍️ Order Today: Step into a world where every accomplishment is celebrated with the vibrant fun of sprinkles!

Note: As these tokens come in a single colour per pack, we highly recommend mixing and matching for the most vibrant reward experience. Celebrate every achievement in colour pallette!


These tokens are accessories for our Reward Jars

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