Reward Jar Blank| Standard Size | Reward Jar Kit



This listing is for a BLANK reward jar. If you're looking for a personalised reward jar, you can purchase them here. 



Our blank reward jar is the ultimate way to track anything from good behaviour, through to weight loss or milestones! Each reward jar set comes with 4 pieces for you to assemble yourself: 

- Coloured Back Plate
- Clear internal spacer plate
- Clear reward jar front
- Coloured top plate
Please note that you will need to remove the protective layer on each piece. 

We recommend using a glue such as E6000 glue to assemble your reward jar. Please use the glue very sparingly to ensure glue does not ooze out when put together. We recommend a tooth pick or similar. 

You will need to purchase 1 x reward jar and 2 x packets of tokens to make a complete set (unless otherwise stated). 
This reward jar fits 22 reward tokens (Unless token listing specifies otherwise) and comes empty. You will need to purchase your reward tokens here in the colours, quantity and shapes you'd like. Purchase these here. 

Jar Dimensions: 135mm wide x 230mm high


This can be hung on your fridge or wall using the 3m Velcro strips. 


This does not come personalised and does not come assembled. Protective layers will be on both sides of the acrylic and will need to be removed prior to assembly. All photos are for illustration purposes only. Laser Blanks is not responsible for the assembly of these pieces, nor are we liable for glue/ smudges etc occurring during assembly. Care needs to be taken to assemble the jar  



Instructions on how to assemble your reward jar: 

Instructions for reward jar assembly can be found here.






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