Star Reward Jar Tokens | Rewards | 11 Pack



This listing is for the star reward tokens only. This listing does not come with a reward jar.

Description: Illuminate achievements with our Star reward jar tokens. Elegantly shaped as stars, these tokens are a radiant reminder of the brilliance and potential in every accomplishment. Perfect for parents, educators, or anyone aiming to bring a touch of stardom to their reward system.

Pack Details:

  • Each pack shines with 11 star tokens.
  • Tokens radiate in a singular color per pack.
  • For a galaxy of colors, purchase multiple packs and interstellar mix!

📏 Sizing Guide:

  1. Standard Reward Jar: Two packs will create a constellation of appreciation.
  2. Mini Reward Jar: One pack will light up your jar.
  3. Teacher Reward Jar: Beam with 5 packs to sprinkle stellar incentives throughout the classroom.

🎨 Mix & Match: Dazzle with diversity! Customize your jar by merging tokens from a spectrum of color packs. A cosmic blend of rewards awaits!

Reasons to Choose Our Tokens:

  • Crafted from durable materials to ensure they shine on.
  • Brilliant colors for a mesmerizing visual experience.
  • An astral way to motivate, recognize, and reward.

🛍️ Order Today: Launch into the universe of stellar rewards, making every endeavor a star-studded success!

Note: For a perfect fit, please refer to our sizing guide when placing your order. Reward like the star you are!


These tokens are accessories for our Reward Jars

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Reward Stars for Kids!

The reward stars I ordered for my little girl are fantastic! They come in a variety of colours and the size is perfect for little hands, The stars are also very cute, which she absolutely loves. They’ve made her more enthusiastic about completing her tasks and earning her stars. Overall, a great purchase!

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