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Add a touch of wow to your event or your child's room with our triple layer acrylic name wall plaques. These wall plaques are made from 3mm acrylic in a vast range of colours and sizes. From small names through to large statement wall pieces. There is bound to be something to suit your needs!


We offer a range of different sizes. The sizes are placed into 'size brackets' and are calculated upon whichever dimension is reached first. The below measurements are approximate. Depending on the characters used, measurements may vary slightly. 

SMALL40cm wide or 20cm tall (which ever is reached first)
MEDIUM: 50cm wide or 25cm tall (which ever is reached first)
LARGE60cm wide or 30cm tall  (which ever is reached first)
EXTRA LARGE70cm wide or 35cm tall  (which ever is reached first)
XX LARGE80cm wide or 40cm tall  (which ever is reached first)
GIANT:  90cm wide or 45cm tall  (which ever is reached first)

How to order: 

  1.  Select the size you're wanting
  2.  Select the colour of the backing/bottom piece
  3. Select the colour of the middle Mirror piece
  4. Select the colour of the top/front piece 
  5. Enter your word
  6. Select the font
  7. Preview the font to ensure it is what you're looking for
  8. Add to cart


Please ensure you read the following important information: 


  • View all images before checking out. 
  • Thinner fonts/characters may be made to be slightly thicker. The font options provide a general idea of what your name will look like. It does not take into account thickening of the characters prior to laser cutting if required.
  • Please note that the final size of your piece will be determined by the combination of both of your selected font and the amount of characters in your name. A name with fewer characters such as “Zoe”, “Emily”, “Judah” will reach the maximum stated height before reaching the maximum length. Longer names such as “Benjamin”, “Savannah”, “Alexandria” will reach the maximum stated length before they reach the maximum stated height.
  • If you have ordered a name with a drop character such as y,g,j etc, the measurement in ‘Emily’ will be taken from the top of the ‘E’ however the drop in the letter such as the ‘y’ will not be included in the measurements. 
  • All words will be cut AS WRITTEN. You are responsible for the input of your text. Please double check this prior to placing your order. This includes capitalisations, if no capital is entered, no capital will be entered. 
  • Hyphenated words are considered 1 word. ie. Mary-Anne - this will mean that your size will likely reach the maximum length before it reaches the maximum height.
  • No numbers or symbols such as &, +  - our fonts do not allow it. Please contact us for a custom order if requiring this.
  • Maximum of 12 characters.  
  • All name signs are sent with the protective film attached to the top piece and back of bottom piece. Please peel this off with care.  

If you would like to have all of your names/words match with regards to height, you will need to email us to organise this as each word/name is set up individually and we do not assume that they're all supposed to be together. You will also need to email us prior to purchasing if you have a specific size you need the same to be/of the name needs to specifically fit on something.  Our email is


Extra items to note:
Mirror acrylic scratches easily, please ensure that you use all care! 

The reverse side of the mirror is a grey/charcoal/white colour. This is the mirror part of the acrylic, do not scratch or attempt to peel this piece off. 

Wall mounting tapes are not included. We recommend using 3M Velcro strips or similar to fix your acrylic to the wall. These pieces are 3mm thick and do not stand alone. They are not a toy and are fragile. They should always be fixed securely in children's bedrooms to ensure it is safe. Laser Blanks is not responsible for installation, installation issues or items breaking due to falling off the wall. Installation is the customer's responsibility solely. 


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