How to assemble your Reward Jar!



Our blank reward jar is the ultimate way to track anything from good behaviour, through to weight loss or milestones! Each reward jar set comes with 4 pieces for you to assemble yourself.


To make a complete set, you will need to purchase one reward jar, in your choice of colours, with 2 packets of tokens. ie. two heart packets or two star packets. 

Each reward jar is designed to fit either 22 hearts or 22 stars. Should you mix both the hearts and the stars, we can't tell you how many will fit in the jar. We recommend 2 packets of stars or 2 packets of hearts and not a combination. 


The joy of our reward jars is they're completely fuss free. Reusable, no stickers, markers or messiness! Simply fill up with your tokens and when full, tip out and start again. 

Notes before assembling + for personalisation: 

To assemble your reward jar, you will need a glue such as our E6000 glue. This will provide a tight bond between the acrylic pieces and also dries clear. 


Before gluing, clear your work space and remove the protective layers of the acrylic. If you're wanting to personalise your reward jar, we recommend doing this before assembling your jar to ensure even pressure can be applied to your vinyl and not crack or break the acrylic. 

If you're wanting to achieve the 'screw top' lid, you can get our FREE SVG for that here. We recommend using an etch vinyl such as Styletech's etch or Metamark etch, however, any permanent vinyl will be more than suitable. 



To assemble your reward jar, ensure that you have your 4 layers of acrylic ready with the protective layer removed. 

Please ensure that you do not scratch your acrylic clear top plate. Place it on a non scratch surface, free from lint and fibres. 


The reward jar is asymmetrical, please ensure that you stick them down facing the right way. Notice the ridges at the top of the 'jar' and pair them accordingly.


To assemble we will work from the bottom piece, through to the top piece. 

Assemble the pieces in the following order: 

  • coloured back plate at the bottom
  • clear thick spacer plate on top of the coloured plate
  • 2mm clear top plate
  • decorative coloured trim on the top. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our team and we will be happy to help. You can email us on 


We hope you enjoy our reward jar as much as we have loved making them. 

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