August Sample Box

Hello August!! Introducing our amazing sample box for this month! Inside this sample box features a large combination of our amazing new Naturals range as well as our some from our sorbet range. 



So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items:

  • 15cm timber stand
  • 3 x traditional gift tags - sorbet range
  • Bamboo wardrobe hanger
  • 2 x arched milestone 'discs'
  • 1 x hammer 
  • 2 x tassel keyrings with acrylic disc
  • 2 x Rectangle flagged keyrings
  • 4 x Swizzle Sticks/Drink Stirrers
  • 1 x Monestera git tag/decoration
  • 1 x Geometric patterned earring display
  • 4 x large balloons in our Sorbet Range
  • 2 x 40mm keyrings
  • 8 x sample tiiles/swatches

We have included 1 of our Christmas/Gift Giving items in this box!! 


Monestera Decoration/Gift Tag: 


Our Monstera Decoration/Gift Tag is part of the Laser Blanks Gift Giving range. Available in over 90 different colours! 


Geometric Earring Display: 

Introducing our NEW Geometric Earring Display to pair with the 15cm timber stand. This stunning new geometric range will be available in both an earring display and a sign for your customisation needs. 


Swizzle Sticks/Drink Stirrers:

Our Swizzle Sticks/Drink Stirrers are new to our range. These drink stirrers are the perfect addition to our events category. Pair with a drink topper or coaster and you're set for the ultimate in personalisation. These are not a flimsy design and can be personalised easily.  


Colour Swatches:


Laser Blanks has added 8 x colour swatches to this months sample box. Each month we will be adding a selection of colour swatches to collect - Set your alarm on the first of each month at 7pm to ensure you collect them all!

Dino Bookmark Toppers:

Our adorable dino bookmark toppers are the perfect choice to customise your bookmark & add some character to your favourite book. They make a wonderful gift! Simply add a ribbon. These can be found here. 




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Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. Please remember that when you receive our mirror acrylic/receive our mirror acrylic, there will be a grey/white layer on one side. This is not to be removed. This part actually creates the mirror effect.