The October Sample Box

Welcome to May! We can't believe that Mother's Day is nearly here! 

So, what's in the box?

Hello OCTOBER! We can't believe it is October already! We have some incredible NEW items in this month's sample box as well as some latest releases. This Sample Box is jam packed with value and only $35! In this month's box you'll find the following amazing items:

  • BRAND NEW Mini Reward Jar
  • BRAND NEW Sprinkle Token Set (Mixed Pasetel Colours)
  • A5 Arch
  • New Woodland Line Art Tall Bunny
  • New Crescent Moon Announcement
  • New Star Announcement
  • BRAND NEW Sun Announcement
  • New Fluffy Cloud Announcements x 2
  • 75mm Bauble
  • BRAND NEW 75mm Rose Bauble
  • BRAND NEW Flower Announcement
  • Rainbow Keyring
  • 2 x Large Bag Tag
  • 1 x Oval Bag Tag
  • 1 x Round Tag
  • 1 x Flower Keyring
  • 1 x Hexagon Tag
  • 1 x Small Easel Set


Key Piece


Mini Reward Jar

Our blank reward jar mini is the perfect small sized rewards jar. It's the perfect way to track anything from good behaviour, through to milestones! Each reward jar set comes with 4 pieces for you to assemble yourself: 

- Coloured Back Plate
- Clear internal spacer plate
- Clear reward jar front
- Coloured top plate
Please note that you will need to remove the protective layer on each piece. 


Instructions on how to assemble your reward jar:

To assemble your reward jar, ensure that you have your 4 layers of acrylic ready with the protective layer removed. 

Please ensure that you do not scratch your acrylic clear top plate. Place it on a non scratch surface, free from lint and fibres. 


The reward jar is symmetrical. Notice the ridges at the top of the 'jar' and use them as a guide to line up your pieces correctly. 


To assemble we will work from the bottom piece, through to the top piece. 

Assemble the pieces in the following order: 

  • coloured back plate at the bottom
  • clear thick spacer plate on top of the coloured plate
  • 2mm clear top plate
  • decorative coloured trim on the top. 


Pair this reward jar up with our NEW Sprinkle Tokens to create a cute finished piece.


Our reward jars come in three sizes:

- Mini - Fits one pack of tokens
- Standard - Fits two packs of tokens
- Teacher - Fits five packs of tokens.




Assorted Announcement Discs

Our extended range of announcment discs. This month we've included the following announcmeents:
- Crescent Moon
- Star
- Sun
- Fluffy Cloud
- Flower


The rest of the items in this month's sample box are self explanatory. We hope you enjoy the creativity!



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Congratulations for those who have purchased our acrylic blanks craft sample box! Don't forget to peel the protective layer off each item before use. Do not use any sharps to remove the protective film. Please remember that when you receive our mirror acrylic/receive our mirror acrylic, there will be a grey/white layer on one side. This is not to be removed. This part actually creates the mirror effect.