December Sample Box

This is the last sample box for 2021! Our next sample box will be February 2022!! What an incredible year of sample boxes we've had!! This month's box contains some incredible products with such great value. Included in this month's box is some new releases and some exclusive products. Here's some of what's inside: 

So, what's in the box?

This month, our curated selection contains the following amazing items:

  • 15cm x 21cm rectangle 
  • long glass stand set
  • Cloud bow holder with rain drops including:
    - 2 x pastel rain drops
    - 1 x glitter gold rain drop
  • 4cm tassel keyring
  • large flower bag tag/back pack tag
  • 50mm rounds
  • bag tag loops
  • butterfly bag tag/back pack tag
  • round dino bag tag/back pack tag
  • large rectangle iridescent bag tag
  • cheese spikes rounded set
  • cheese spikes flag set
  • drink disc set/drink topper set
  • drink disc/toppers in mirror silver
  • exclusive 30mm round keyring in glitzy star galaxy
  • exclusive 30mm round keyring in ultra chunky surprise
  • exclusive 30mm round keyring in ultra chunky party
  • 1 x mirror sample swatch


Product Highlights: 

Cheese Spikes & Drink Discs

With new years eve, great weather, barbeques and entertaining these cheese spikes are the perfect option for your cheese platters, deserts, grazing boards and more! Simply customise as required with your favourite permanant adhesive vinyl for a great, high end look and feel. Simple wipe down and store for later! These can also be used in gardens as herb spikes etc


Our Drink Discs/Drink toppers are a great way to customise the top of your champagne flute or cocktail this New Years Eve!


Cloud bow drop with water drops

Simply remove your protective layer and add your raindrops to the end of your ribbons to create a cute and functional peice for your childs rooms. Customise the top cloud for that added personalisation.

Back pack tags/Bag tags:

We have included 4x silicone loops for the 4x bag tags that are included within this sample box. One of our favourite new products is our flower bag tag. This product comes with 2x 50mm white discs to create a 3D effect. This is the pollen/middle portion of the flower. Simply glue with some e6000 for a cute 3d look and feel and add a bag tag loop.

We hope you enjoy this sample box and we cannot wait to bring you more incredible products in February 2022!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe holidays and a wonderful New Years!



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