July Sample Box

Introducing our July Laser Blanks Sample Box!! This month has some great products for you to sink your creative teeth into! This month we have a selection of brand new products for you to sample before every one else gets their hands on them! 


This box has a huge amount of value with so many amazing project for you to sink your creativity into! Let's have a look at what's inside this month's box:

  • Double Slot Acrylic Stand
  • 15cm wide arched sign
  • Half Arched Flag Style sign
  • Large bag tag
  • 3 x NEW masculine bookmarks
  • Rounded hanger
  • Rounded hanger with tab
  • NEW Pregnant Lady Line Art
  • 150mm round disc
  • Wardrobe hanger
  • Wardrobe hanger with tab
  • NEW XL Phone Holder
  • D keyring
  • 2 x 30mm keyrings
  • Trolley Token
  • 50mm round in 2mm
  • Tassel keyring with jump ring


NEW Double Slot Acrylic Stand + Signs: 

This month we have a brand new product that is being released soon! Our double slot acrylic stands will be available to purchase! Pair this thick double slot base with the white 150mm acrylic arch and the 100mm wide 'flagged' half arch. 


These signs make fantastic menus, reception counter displays and so much more! Add your menu on one side and your drinks menu on the other. The possibilities are endless. 


NEW Pregnant Lady Line Art + 150mm Round:


Our newest addition, our Pregnant Lady Line Art. This gorgeous piece is being released in the coming days. It makes the perfect pregnancy announcement, pregnancy countdown and so much more. It features delicate lines and beautiful detail to provide you with a timeless piece. 


Pair your pregnant lady with our 150mm round in peach. We recommend using E6000 glue very sparingly to fix the pregnant lady to the round. A little bit goes a long way. We recommend using a toothpick to sparingly apply the adhesive. 


Add your favourite vinyl for customisation purposes. You truly are only limited by your imagination! 

NEW XL Phone Holder:

We've supersized our phone holder to give you a much larger design! This makes a great present for Father's Day! We recommend fixing the stand to the base with a little bit of E6000 glue to ensure it is sturdy and strong. Make sure it dries for 24-48 hours before use. 

Tassel Keyring with Jump Ring: 

We've designed this tassel keyring with crafters in mind! This tassel keyring with hardware has an added jump-ring for your crafting purposes. All you need to do is open the jump-ring with some pointy-nose pliers, add your acrylic keyring or tag and close the jump ring for the perfectly completed keyring! Add your favourite vinyl to customise! 


We hope you enjoy this sample box and we cannot wait to bring you more incredible products in July 2022!

We love seeing how our amazing customers unleash their creativity on our laser cut blanks, and this sample box will fill your mind fresh with new ideas, inspiration, imagination and creativity!! Filled with fantastic value, you’ll have to get in quick to get the next one! 



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