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the journey

Imagine a world where there's a giant lack of original, honest creativity! It was 2019 and that's exactly where I found myself - a graphic designer and passionate creator without the ability to actually craft with anything other than circles and rectangles! Something needed to change!

I'm a big believer that the life journey you go on and the experiences you have equips you for your future. It helps to bring dreams to reality and enables you to strive forward. Passion also gives breath to grand ideas and enables you to get through even the longest of days. Let me tell you, Laser Blanks is grown on enough passion to endure a lifetime.

With creativity flowing and inspiration driving me, I dropped my business plans on my unsuspecting and forever loving husband, Tom. Tom is a man who's calculated and careful, married to me, a creative and passionate soul. I'm the sort of person who agonises over a creative element until it's just right, and Tom is the sort of the person who rolls his eyes when I say "So, I've been thinking . . .", knowing full well that he's about to become a victim to my creative, well planned thoroughly visualised new idea! So with the kids finally asleep in bed, I look at him and I say "So, I've been thinking . . . ". Laser Blanks was then born!

Stocked full of never before seen designs, Laser Blanks had it's humble beginnings in our converted home studio. We worked very long 12-16 hour days, juggling work and our family life. Our staff were a part of our family and our family and children a part of theirs.

From our home studio to Sunbury and from Subury to Romsey. Laser Blanks has passionately and diligently provided the highest quality laser cut craft blanks Australia Wide. We passionately support hobbyists and all sorts of businesses, from events companies through to signwriters.

Laser Blanks doesn't exist just to churn out pieces of boring acrylic. Still to this day our goal is and has always been, to add value to the lives of our incredible customers, to the craft world and also to our wonderful staff.

As parents we know the struggle it can be to BE working parents. Your life is not just your own. Almost every part of life is determined by your children - something that has both pros and cons as we all know. We are passionate about providing a supportive workplace that recognises that work needs to be flexible, kind and nurturing. A place where it is okay to come to work with your kids, or give you the flexibility to not miss milestones and achievements. Life isn't all about work, it's about family and so much more. There's something quite special about working in a company that recognises and celebrates every single order received! We know that without our beautiful customers, we are nothing!

Why are our orders celebrated? Because it means that every one of our employees' families are supported in more ways than one . . It means that jobs stay in Australia. It means that we get to keep being endlessly creative. . It means that we can keep providing the best quality products designed and made in country Victoria. It really means so much . .

We are massive champions of originality. Originality takes work and we are all about supporting our creative community of crafters and business owners. We are passionate about empowering our community and love nothing more than seeing you take our blank canvasses and turn them into original works of art.

We love hearing stories of success, of mums owning the biz world, of new start-ups emerging, all driven by passion, creativity and originality.

Those who strive to be original succeed beyond imagination! Never forget that!

All of our designs are hand drawn and perfected in house by our small team of talented designers. So that we can offer the largest range possible, each one of our orders are cut to order. This boutique style means that we can ensure each item is cut to the highest standard. We really have invested in our machinery to ensure that we produce only the highest quality products - if you're going to do something, do it to the highest standard possible we say.

We not only produce craft blanks, we also work with businesses on custom requirements. Partnering with us is a great option for those who don't have their own laser cutters. It means that they're able to 'white label' laser cutting from us. They provide their design files and we confidentially cut and engrave their products for them to on-sell in their own business.

We work heavily with Victorian signwriters to laser cut their signwriting projects and designs.

We also work with event companies to provide custom and bespoke options for their event needs and so much more.

We provided our forever growing range of craft blanks to hobbyists and businesses to create something truly unique and special. Our pieces are limited only by your imagination.

Throughout the journey that Laser Blanks has travelled, and continues to travel, I am forever reminded of our humble beginnings, forever thankful for every single customer and order and forever joyful for the continual creativity that I get to live in each day!

If you're looking for something unique, shop our range today and know that your purchase and support is not lining the pockets of a multi-national corporation, but rather, supporting our small family run business who has family at the heart of everything we do.

the team

Our incredible team is looked after by our amazing managers. They keep Laser Blanks ticking every day!

Bec + Tom
Founders + Owners

Bec + Tom are our dynamic duo. Bec is the creative heart and soul of the business + Tom works on everything from configuring our systems through to graphic design with Bec!

Production Manager

Mel is queen of production. She makes sure that our orders are being processed smoothly! She is a master of many things at Laser Blanks from customer service through to running our machines!  Mel also manages our bespoke custom work! 

Warehouse Manager

Andrew is a master of our warehouse. He's also the master who keeps all of our machines running with precision and perfection every day! Andrew also deals with large format and custom orders for our signwriting clients!

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why our customers love us

Hear what others have to say about us 


I have made numerous orders and Laser Blanks have always made my orders and delivered them at a great time. They've also had amazing customer service when I've needed customised orders. I will continue to use them in future and 10/10 recommend!


So happy with my purchase. I had requested a colour combination a little different to the listed item. Communication was quick as well as fulfillment of my order. The colours I chose where just as I hoped, allowing me to customise my Card Reader Stand to suit my branding. Thank you again Laser Blanks Team.


Laser Blanks quality for price is exceptional. I ordered numerous different blanks and was more than impressed with the amazing quality of every single piece that I opened. Their communication is fantastic and so easy to deal with.


My wife and I have ordered many items from Laser Blanks. The range of products is extensive, the quality is exceptional and the customer service incredible. Quick delivery and well packaged. Highly recommend. They will have what you need.


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