Arched Height Chart | Craft Blank



Introducing our Slimline, Arched Height Chart Blank. These adorable, high quality acrylic height charts come in our large range of beautiful colours to suit every room and every taste. 

Made from 3mm acrylic, they are both sturdy and light weight. We recommend attaching them to the wall using a 3M Velcro strip

These height charts are designed to be a full sized height chart. The height chart includes 9 panels to start at 30cm off the floor to reach 2m tall. Each Panel has 20cm worth of markings, except for the top piece which only has 10cm worth of markings and enough space to allow for personalisation. The height chart has 170cm worth of markings in total. To ensure that the height chart reaches the correct dimensions, you will need to place the longest piece at the bottom of the height chart. 

These are 150mm wide. 

These height charts have line markings measuring every cm, with accents at 5cm and 10cm intervals. We recommend personalising the 5 & 10cm intervals. 

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