Baby Cut Out | Baby Plaque 1:1 Blank

Baby Size: Baby Size 40cm - 49cm


Please note that this is a blank product. This product is for the baby cut out only. Backboard sold separately


Introducing our adorable 1:1 baby wall plaque blanks. These products allow you to make your own baby wall plaque in scale to the length of your baby. Whether you're selling these in your own store, or want to create something gorgeous for yourself, these products will allow you to do just that. 


Important Instructions: 

This listing is for the baby cut out only. You will need to purchase the baby plaque back board separately. You can purchase the baby back board here. 

  1. Select the required BABY SIZE BRACKET. The options are 40-49cm or 50-58cm
  2. Select your required colour
  3. Select the correct length. The baby will be cut as the length specified. Width is scaled according to the length. 
  4. Add to cart


These items will come blank with the protective layer on both sides of the acrylic for you to assemble yourself. 

We recommend purchasing some E6000 glue or similar to fix the baby to the plaque backing board. 


The Baby Board Pictured is in the colour Moss. 
We have paired our acrylic name plaque to create a feature of the baby's name. We selected font 2 in the size Mini (8.5cm tall) to create this look. 

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