Footy | LED Light Insert | Panel

Thickness: 2mm


Score Big with Our AFL Footy-Themed LED Acrylic Blank Light Insert!

If you have a young AFL enthusiast at home, look no further! This footy-themed acrylic blank light insert is just what you need to light up their passion. Expertly crafted from 2mm or 4.5mm acrylic, this insert offers a range of customisation options. Engrave unique designs on the 2mm variant using your Cricut Maker or a similar device, or customise with vinyl to create the ultimate personalised night light.


  • Height: Approx 12cm from top tip to the bottom of the base plate.
  • Width: 17cm from tip to tip.

To ensure a perfect fit with your LED light base, each 2mm light insert comes with an acrylic spacer plate for the tightest and snuggest placement.

Please note: The 4.5mm variants do not come with a spacer plate as they are not required.


Tab Options - Standard Tab or Custom Tab: For compatibility, our standard tab option is designed for light bases with a slot measuring precisely 98mm in length and 18mm in depth. Should you have specific needs, we offer the flexibility for you to provide custom tab dimensions. If opting for the 4.5mm thickness, please ensure that your light base has a slot size of 5mm. Bear in mind, the onus of accurate tab measurements rests with you. Our laser-cutting ensures precision down to the millimeter. Kindly provide all measurements in millimeters. As these pieces are tailor-made to your specifications, all sales are final, with no options for refunds or returns.


Care Instructions: Acrylic is a delicate material. Handle with care to avoid any scratches or damages.


Please note: this product is for the light panel only and does not include the LED light base. This needs to be purchased separately. Photos are for illustration purposes only and do not come personalised.


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