Woodland Sitting Bunny Line Art | Acrylic Blank



The Woodland Inspired Sweet Sitting Bunny Line Art Blank: Where Sophistication Meets Playful Allure

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and whimsy with our Woodland Inspired Sweet Sitting Bunny Line Art Blank. Featuring graceful, flowing lines coupled with charming eyelash and whiskers details, this art piece authentically captures the essence of woodland allure. It stands as a unique canvas that invites your creative visions to flourish.


Please note that this listing is for the bunny only. The picture is for inspiration and illustrative purposes.

Dimensions: 123mm Tall x 68mm Wide


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Laser Blanks recommends the use of E6000 glue to fix line art to acrylic and timber. Use the glue sparingly. Do no use super glue on acrylic.

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