Creating a Rainbow Wall Plaque

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing wall plaques and decor for your children's rooms! We made this beautiful door hanger for a child we know. She loves all things nature, rainbows and 'happy things'. Her definition of a happy thing, is a rainbow and we couldn't be more thrilled with this result! 


For this project, we used our super cute and practical 15cm Asymmetrical Pastel Rainbow. We selected pink grape, violet and spearmint to create our multi-colour rainbow.


We then used a white, 20cm disc with 2 holes cut at the top to for hanging purposes. 


Using your favourite permanent adhesive vinyl, apply your desired name to the bottom of the disc. 


When your acrylic is sent to you from Laser Blanks, each piece will have protective film on it to keep it in pristine condition until it's ready to be used! Before assembling your wall plaque, make sure you remove this film! 


Assemble your rainbow using a really strong glue. We love using Gorilla Glue Clear Grip glue. We purchased this from Bunnings. You can also purchase this from Spotlight


Dab small amounts of glue on the back of your acrylic and press firmly onto the acrylic round. 

Allow to set for 12-24 hours.