Highlighting your Engraving using Acrylic Paint

We just love engraving acrylic. Using your Cricut or other engraving tool, you can complete a whole range of amazing and unique products! Whether it be for sale or for personal hobby use. 

Crafting allows you to not only make a little bit of money on the side, it can be a very enjoyable hobby. Here at Laser Blanks we are passionate about creating opportunities for people to let their imagination take them on a crafting journey. 


Highlighting your Engraving with Acrylic Paint


Today we are going to have a look at how we can create some highlights & different effects with our engraving. From clear acrylic all the way through to coloured acrylic, this effect will be the same. 



Today we engraved a 2mm clear acrylic bookmark with the Cricut Maker. We selected a beautiful mandala to add to our bookmark. Once complete (please refer to our other blogs on how to use your engraving tool), we added some acrylic paint. We chose a standard acrylic paint available at most good craft stores.  


Using a disposable cloth such as a chux, rub the acrylic paint into the engraved areas. Ensure that you complete this step quickly. Once you have completed this, wipe the paint from the book mark. This will leave the paint only in the desired engraved areas. 

Set it aside to dry. 


Add a ribbon or bead to complete your book mark. 


Try it today! Make sure that you share your latest craft projects with us by tagging us on Instagram